College is just a step along the path of life education. If you have graduated from college, graduate or professional school and still seem to lack the skills necessary for career and life success, you’re far from alone. There is well-documented employer dissatisfaction with the skill sets that college graduates bring to the workplace. Many of the most demanded and coveted skills are simply not widely taught in college or in academic education beyond college. The World Economic Forum’s top ten skills critical for success in 2020 include Emotional Intelligence in addition to complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and cognitive flexibility, which are all deeply tied to executive functions. Furthermore, Grit appears as a highly desired character trait in their New Visions for Education report.

We invite you to explore how a Peak Time Experience, individualized to your journey, your timeline, and your career and life path aspirations, may be of great benefit in actualizing the success, satisfaction and happiness you are seeking.