High school students who need work in academic, executive function, and other skill areas prior to beginning college.

Many high school students are unprepared for the college experience. Some would benefit from strengthening their abilities in specific academic areas, while others lack core executive functions necessary for planning tasks, beginning work, switching focus, maintaining balance, keeping track of progress, avoiding distractions, maintaining healthy social relationships, and advocating for themselves. Some students may furthermore lack necessary skills for independent living away from home, including the ability to shop, cook, clean and avoid dangerous behavior.

Some pre-college students fail to realize that they are not prepared. Our job includes facilitating “a growth mindset” to help them achieve and overcome that realization. At Peak Time experience, we help students identify skill areas they lack and make progress toward acquiring them. Students may begin this important work while finishing their second semester of senior year or in the summer before college. Flexible programs with more limited objectives than the ones that appear below are available for those students with less time and a more narrow focus.