For students who find the level of work in their college challenging, we offer focused Peak Time experience mentoring in nearly all areas of academics.

Mentor programs include work in Six Transformational Skills, which we actively integrate into academic mentoring and in sessions centered upon students’ areas of interest and passion. Where appropriate, mentors also work with students to develop social connector skills.

There is a saying adapted from the Dao that when the work of a good mentor is done and his/her purpose fulfilled, his/her student shall say, “I did this myself.” This holds for our mentors in any subject area, whether we are guiding students to synthesize complex concepts in physics, chemistry or math, to write essays or literary critique, or to understand and apply principles of economics or philosophy. In all cases, we share our insights and process, allowing students to integrate and experiment with them, making them their own. Students gain independence through shared stories, insight, process, practice and improvisation. Mentors are compassionate, understanding and caring while working with the highest levels of skill and appropriate ethical boundaries for the students’ benefit.