Taking time off from college, whether of your own agency or because you have been asked to do so, can be an amazing time of replenishment, reset, and growth for success and happiness. That said, there are very important decisions right out of the box, beginning with your emotional and physical health. If you left school because of substance use and/or significant emotional issues, you will want to find and work with the best professionals in those fields, and check in on your overall health with your physician. This is not the work we do at Peak Year, but we are happy to share with you and your family the excellent resources we know of for you to consider.

Other students have issues with loss of self esteem and lack of direction or passion, and may have academic and neurocognitive skill gaps as well. Getting back to meaningful, productive learning in an affirming, growth mindset community as soon as possible can be very helpful in restoring self esteem. It also can help mitigate the situational emotional blues that can be a part of the isolation and disorientation from suddenly being away from your college friends and routine, even as you continue to work with appropriate outside mental health professionals for their support.